Beautiful Lisbon

Time for a little update my dear readers 😉. No need to worry about me, I’m sitting at the river right now, downtown Lisbon, in the sun. It’s  29 degrees right now and all I can say is it’s lovely being here right now! I  try not to brag too much about it, but for the past weeks it just feels like summer! Every day is nice and warm with a clear blue sky… just makes me want to go to the beach every day. Unfortunately I have got other things to do as well, such as studying, working and learning Portuguese. I’ve started to enjoy living here more when the weather got better. It gives such a good feeling knowing that at night you can just walk in your shorts, since it is still around 24 degrees at that time! The old buildings in the center of Lisbon, which basically look terrible if it is raining, start to gain in charm when the sun falls down on the old bricks and the city is even more alive now than it was before the good weather came. (With good I mean even better than at the time I wrote my first blog 🙂).

I passed the courses in my first exam period, so that’s working out well. What is even better is that I created my own football team, and we play one match per week in a little competition. It’s a mix of German/Portuguese/Italian/Dutch players, really nice! Furthermore right now I have a little bit more free time than in the first part of the semester which I can use for working on my thesis and learning more of the language. Every week my ”buddy” gives me some little children books for me to read which we discuss the week after. Trying to beat the little kids now in talking Portuguese since I can’t win it from the people my age 😉

May and June will be such great months! Some visits from friends, some interesting courses, some sports, some vacation (can’t wait to go to The Algarve in June!), great weather… But also working hard to finish everything related to the university with a good grade of course 😉 ! Not doing nothing here, although it’s so tempting to just enjoy life right now…! I’ll keep you posted at the end of my semester, let’s see if it all works out as planned 🙂.


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