Life in Asia – Part 2

Time for an update! It is already May and that means the last two months in Hong Kong have arrived. The past weeks have been very busy with case deadlines and this week the Finance exam. Since Finance is not my most loved topic I had to spend quite some time and effort in studying for the exam. At the same time, the two new courses have started this week. For the remaining seven weeks we have Global Business Management and Strategic Management, of which the last contains an online business game. Luckily no more exams but papers, which gives me a little more time to work on the thesis.

This post I will tell a bit more about combining a thesis and an exchange life. As triangle students we are among the first writing their thesis abroad and this brings several challenges. First of all of course, there are many more distractions that keep you from spending time to write and research. Therefore, after my arrival I made a planning for the coming months to have an overview of what I should do for the thesis and how much time (broadly) I should spend per week to reach this target. This might not work for everyone, but it’s a good start and it gives you some red thread in the process. Every three weeks I have a Skype meeting with my supervisor, and this is really helpful to have an actual deadline on which the next version has to be finished (and here the time difference gives you a little advantage ;).

Kingsnight in Hong Kong!

But since Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps, there is enough to do and explore next to studying! I have done amazing hikes, slept on a beach, betted during the horse races in Happy Valley, visited the fishing village Tai O (a whole different side of Hong Kong), seen pink dolphins, celebrated Kingsday (LKF turned orange for that night) and went to lots of cool events that are going on in the city. Hong Kong is also known for its great variety of foods, and I have tried jelly fish, fermented eggs and some other rare things that you will never taste at home. Two weeks ago my dad visited me for some days! And its only then that you realize how easily some things become already normal and part of a daily routine. The weather has become much better with good temperatures and sun for some weeks, but as I am writing this blog rain is falling down and lots of thunderstorms have kept me awake at night this past week.

Tai O fishing village  What a city!

That we are the first in the Triangle Programme is very exciting, but also makes that some things don’t go as planned. At the end of the semester we had the possibility to join a consultancy trip to mainland China, but it turned out that this trip would be completely in Mandarin! And since I do not manage that language completely yet ;), I have decided to not go. Instead, I will travel to the Philippines at the end of June and discover some more of Hong Kong – a truly unique place in Asia!

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